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05-13-17 You can download newspaper clips for the Trenton Fairgrounds 1931-1953.  here 

04-01-17 Three new Flemington Fairgrounds program from the Tri-State Vintage group. Thanks Wyatt!!  here here here

03-14-17 Four new photos from Williams Grove Sep 27, 1953.  here here here here

02-28-17 You can download newspaper clips about the New Yellow Jacket Speedway which was the short course at Langhorne. Uncle Tommy was the 1951 champion!!  here 

01-18-17 You can download newspaper clips about Walt Keiper of  Trenton NJ who was the first  driver for Wally Marks.  here 

01-08-17 Early New Egypt Speedway clips added to clips page.  here

12-22-16 You can now download newspaper clips in pdf format.  here 

06-14-16 New picture of the speedway car after Wally converted it for AAA competition.  here 

05-20-16 Three new programs from Hatfield, Langhorne, and Yellow Jacket. here here here

05-19-16  Two new photos from Ebay. here here

01-06-15 Two new programs from Hatfield and Altamont. here here

11-16-14 Three new Frank Lofland photos from the Phil Davis Collection. here here here

11-8-14 New prewar photo of Wally Marks and the Marks special. here

01-22-14 One of the most unbelievable photos in years and one other from Motorsports. here here  And the website upgrade is complete. All photos have been enlarged for better viewing. A year long project.

12-15-13 The last of the Tommy Bradshaw collection at GSVSCC.  here here here here here here here here here here here here

12-13-13 Part 3 of the Tommy Bradshaw collection at GSVSCC.  here here here here here here

12-12-13 Various photos from my eBay finds..  here here here here here here

12-09-13 Various photos from John Legenfelder's collection.  here here here here here here here

11-16-13 More photos from the Tommy Bradshaw collection at the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club are posted.  here here here here here here here here here 

10-19-13 Someone donated  the 1948 ASCRA champion Tommy Bradshaw's scrapbook to the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC). The first of 50 new photos are here in the new Tommy Bradshaw section. Thanks Ray Shea!!!  here

04-06-13 Halfway through converting the website to be more tablet friendly (I've made the pictures much larger). Hope to finish by end of the summer.

04-24-12 Created a brand new section. The SnapShot section.  here

02-18-12 New Bill Webster photo from Larry Jendras of Wally at Reading. here

01-30-12 New photo from Paul Weisel of Wally and Joe Wolf. here  ASCRA program from the boys of Tri-State vintage. Thanks Wyatt!! here 

01-03-12 Many new photos from the EMMR/NOTARC Collection. here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here here 

12-13-11 Awesome new program from Dover July 20, 1947 here

11-27-11 One more from 1953 at Williams Grove here. Sweet Pepper Cunningham photo from Langhorne. here Start of the feature at Dover 1947. here Action at Langhorne in 1939. here

05-18-11 New ASCRA banquet program from 1949 here. Now we have all three!!! Also new Williams Grove program here

05-17-11 New Langhorne program from 1952 here. Thanks to Russ Dodge!

05-11-11 Front stretch photo around 1947/1948 from Chic Dinatale Jr. Thanks Chic!  here

02-16-11 Two new photos from Snyder video.  here  here

02-11-11 Eleven new photos of the Frank Curtis Offy in the 1953 section. Two new photos in the 1954 section.  here  here

02-01-11 Two new AAA big car programs.  (here)  (here)  and a new Speedway Division picture.  here

12-18-10 Three new photos from the Larry Jendras collection.  (here)  (here)  here

11-21-10 Two new photos. Uncle Tommy from Ebay  (here)  and Chick Dinatale from Russ Dodge. (here)

05-20-10 New color photo of the Frank Curtis Offy at Flemington from Butch Pletcher. Thanks  Butch!!.   (here) 

02-23-10 Here is the rest of the Tom Alfrey Collection.   (here) 

02-11-10 Russ Dodge sent photos of Sam Cannizzaro and Eddie Ader.   (here)   (here)

01-27-10 Larry Jendras Jr sent me a great Bill Webster photo of Wally at Willams Grove on April 25, 1954.   (here) 

01-08-10 I have added the Tom Alfrey collection to the website. Tom's father, the late Emmett Alfrey, a long time owner and mechanic, was involved with the Grbac's since the 1940's. Thanks so much Tom!!   (here) (here) (here) (here) (here) (here) (here) (here)

10-29-09 Two new programs from the John Lengenfelder Collection  (here)  (here) 

07-20-09 Two new sprint car photos from Ebay.  (here)  (here) 

7-08-09 Three new photos from the George Koyt Collection  (here)  (here)  (here)

04-28-09 Dave Burt from Western Pennsylvania provided the program from the ASCRA visit to Uniontown PA on April 25, 1948. Thanks Dave!!!. (here)

03-09-09 Ray Neary provided the program from the 1950 ASCRA banquet. (here)

11-06-08 New picture of Fonty Flock in the competitors section. (here)

10-22-08 New pages in the 1949 section including a picture of Wally's restored 1949 ASCRA Championship trophy. (here)

08-25-08 Ray Neary provided the new drawing on the home page. He also suggested a new section for Wally Marks. Great idea Ray!!. Thanks. (here)

07-07-08 New pictures from Daytona in 1953. Thanks to Joel Naprstek. (here)  (here 2) (here3)

07-04-08 New program in the Programs Section from Langhorne in 1947. Red Byron was the winner. (here)

06-12-08 Gil Hearne sent me two 1947 photos of Uncle Tommy (here) and Leon McBride (here).

03-27-08 New program in the Programs Section from Williams Grove in 1949. Thanks to Larry Jendras Jr.

03-13-08 New photo of Wally's second #29 in the 1947 section. Thanks to Charlie Donnell.

03-11-08 New program in the Programs Section from Yellow Jacket Speedway in 1949. An unbelievable find on Ebay.

03-01-08 Two new  photos  in the Competitors/Other section of Paul Barbiche and Rocky DiNatale. Thanks to Russ Dodge.

02-01-08 Three new Frank Smith photos of Uncle Tommy's win at Flemington in 1948 in the Competitors/Tommy Coates section. Thanks to Russ Dodge.

12-01-07 Three new photos of the Frank Curtis Offy in the 1953 section.

03-27-07 Posted new program in the Programs Section from Hatfield AAA big car race on July 10, 1954. This is Wally's last race.

03-04-07 Went to visit Bill Tanner Jr. He let me borrow his scrapbook. There is a new section for him under competitors. There are also new photos and updated information in the 1949 and 1950 sections.

02-26-2007  New photos from the Walter Imlay collection in the 1953 and 1954 sections. Contact Richard Imlay if you wish to have copies at imlaypic@aol.com

11-20-2006  New photos of Wally's restored Nascar Speedway Division car in the 1952 section. New photo of Wally Mark's car in 1950 section. Thanks to Allan Wiltse.

10-10-2006  New photo of the #29 in the 1948 section. Thanks to Paul Weisel.

06-27-2006  New link to Bob Lawrence's pages on Wally's AAA Sprint Car in the 1953 section. Also new photo at Wally's gravesite in the July 17, 1954 section. 

04-01-2006   I received an email from John Kuhn. His father Jack was the owner of the Jack's Garage #29 driven by Lou Johnson , Eddie Chester and later by Pete Harris. He lent me his pictures for posting on the site. There are 40 new pictures throughout the site and 1 new program. There is also a new section of the "Boys in Action".

03-23-2006   Driver Pat McBride whose father was ASCRA president/driver/owner Leon McBride sent me his pictures. Thanks to Jim G. 

03-07-2006   Went to visit Pepper Cunningham's daughter. She let me borrow her scrapbook! Plenty of new pictures throughout the site. Also there is a new section for scans of original racing programs.

02-26-2006   Went to visit Frankie Schneider at his farm.